Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Projects

Here's what I've got going on right now. First of all, my Orks:

40 Slugga Boyz (complete)
5 AoBR Nobs (Complete)
7 Cybork Nobs, including painboy and waaagh banner (complete)
1 Warboss (complete)
1 Big Mek with Kustom Force Field (complete)
3 trukks (2 complete, one primed)
1 Battlewagon (assembled)
1 Looted Leman Russ (assembled)
5 Deffkoptas (3 complete, 2 primed)
6 warbikes (primed)

These guys are pretty much back-burnered for the moment. They're fun, but I'm temporarily burnt out on painting all that green, red, and bare metal, and I fell prey to desire for my Chaos army, the Veiled Seraphim. For THAT, I'm much less done.

About 20 CSMs, with enough powerfist champs and icon bearers for 3 units. They're all built and all but 2 are primed, and I'm working on batch-painting 8 of them now.

6 Slaaneshi raptors. I have finished gathering most of the bits for these guys. I'm basically using Possessed wings on assault marine legs and CSM torso/arms, because the existing models are ugly and metal. I need to actually build these soon.

1 Raptor lord. Done, converted from an Emperor's Champion

1 Sorcerer, primed

1 Terminator Sorcerer, Primed and mildly magnetized.

2-3 Obliterators. Again, I'll be building these from varuous plastics, since I hate the GW model. I'm still working out the details. Probably terminators with spawn and possessed bits?

Down the road, I'm looking at some bikers (Which will be CSMs riding Cold Ones), and a demon prince (but again, ugly metal model, so I'll either wait for the plastic DP kit or find some other model to use.)