Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Re-direction, plus dead Space Marines

Originally, I started this blog to talk about the MMOs I was playing, and to talk about online games in general. I was in the grip of Warhammer Online fanaticism, and I wanted to blather on about it.

Well, fast forward to now, and I'm not playing ANY MMOs at the moment. Warhammer Online, however, along with Justin, end up getting me hooked on Warhammer....Offline. So now I'm playing 40k, and dove headfirst into painting and the hobby in general. So I think I'll be using this blog to record my painting progress, talk about 40k, and stuff like that.

So, to christen the new direction for the blog, here's the objective markers I finished last night.

First up, a Black Templar, in honor of Justin:

Then, a Blazing Fist, from Danny's Imperial Fists successor chapter:

And finally, a member of the Veiled Seraphim, before their tragic fall to Chaos: